Dutch Monochromes : Kamper history in a different light

Dutch Design

Dutch Monochromes rebuilds disposed household materials, such as dishes, pots, and pans, as well as old-fashioned items such as lamps, tables, and other home accessories. The creative process is guided by both the functional and visual character of each piece. The design philosophy is loosely inspired by the visual language of Studio Job, and combines a feeling-at-home mentality with what is known as Dutch Design: experimental, innovative, and unconventional design with a sense of humor.

Monochrome light

Monochrome light is light of a single wavelength; something that is monochromatic has a single color. If all color has been removed, only form remains. Composition, structure, and rhythm are more than enough for an interesting image. Put in a little light, and it all comes to life.

Kamper history

For example, Model 019, the “Counselors cup,” visualizes objects from Kamper history. We see the skates of Avercamp, the cow, the royal portraits, and, inside the cup, the connection with God. When it’s dark, you see a light beam at the ceiling, making a connection with heaven. On top is a kind of observatory from which heaven is studied, another Kamper tradition.

So, the decorations that once stood at the heart of the rebuild have gradually shifted in emphasis. The decorative details invites the viewer to explore their deeper meaning. By playing with scale and context, the space between two skates for instance makes you wonder whether it is a barn door or a city gate. The lid of a cup is also an immense observatory.


All pieces are handmade and unique. The components are separately sprayed, screwed, and can be disassembled if needed for repair. Dutch quality!

More information 

A number of models are still for sale. For more information mail : kampenandbeyond@gmail.com or call +31(0)618160410

Model 019 especially refers to various sections and aspects of The City Museum collection. Kampen and Beyond offer guided visits to The City Museum 

You can explore Kamper history and visit Nico’s studio during the Daytrip Kampen  as well

Nico van Maastricht is one of The Favorites of Kampen and Beyond



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