Beyond Amsterdam lies a province waiting to be discovered: The Province of Overijssel. We invite you to connect with us and our unique tours in the east of the Netherlands, in and around medieval towns like Kampen, Zwolle and Deventer. Here’s a chance to make an authentic connection with the Dutch people and to enjoy the relaxed pace of life.

About K&B
K&B is centered on the close relationship between Dr. Brant Himes and art historian Reinier de Wit, two friends who have some unique experiences and skill sets, and want to share their love of Kampen and beyond with fellow travelers. From their respective locations in the U.S. and in the Netherlands, they will offer all the service, attention, and information possible before and during your stay. They are always on the lookout to make connections with local artisans, artists and entrepreneurs. Check back often for new excursions and experiences! Read more…