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Brant and Reinier think more Americans should know about the beauty and uniqueness of the Dutch people and culture. Brant recently spent nine months living in the Netherlands with his wife and two young children. When visitors from America came to see his family during his stay, they always appreciated Kampen the most – more so than the typical Amsterdam tourist destinations – because of the picturesque and authentic atmosphere, and the chance to just relax and relish new experiences off the beaten path.

We started Kampen and Beyond in an effort share our unique perspectives and experiences to travelers who are interested in venturing beyond Europe’s typical tourist destinations. Our lives have been enriched by discovering more about our two cultures, and enjoying the differences. We hope you will learn more about the Netherlands – and more about yourself – by slowing down and taking in an authentic Dutch experience.

We organize our excursions in small groups – with a maximum of about 12 people. Our aim is to cultivate an atmosphere where new discoveries and new relationships can flourish. For your part, you will want to maintain an attitude of generous curiosity and acceptance for the Dutch culture.

Sometimes we will have to leave Kampen early to get the most out of your trip! We will gather at a central meeting point in the historic center of Kampen, where we will start our tours by foot, bike, bus, train, or boat!

You will want to be in good physical condition in order to get the most out of the walking and biking tours.


  1. Since we are not a travel agency airfare is not included nor arranged.
  2. Transportation to and from your accommodation in Kampen. The costs from Schiphol Airport to Kampen are approx. (depending on the number of travelers) $250 with private transportation. For example: when you travel with five persons you will pay approx. $50 per person each way. The costs for public transportation (train) from Schiphol Airport to Kampen are approx. $35 each way.
  3. Accommodation is not included. Although were are not a travel agency, we can give you advice about which accommodation suits you the best. Since we focus on small groups, we can recommend several bed and breakfasts in Kampen which have a good balance between price and quality. Prices for a bed and breakfast range from $55 to $150 a day for two persons, including breakfast. Individual travelers sometimes will have to pay an additional amount. The bed and breakfast are beautifully located in the Yssel River or in the historic center. Some bed and breakfasts even have facilities like a private sauna.