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We have a few suggestions to help you get started planning your tours. Itineraries can be combined or itemized.

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Kampen has a lot to offer. In Kampen you have the opportunity to participate in a guided walking tour along the most precious waterfront of The Netherlands, explore the IJssel riverdelta by boat, eat in a former monastery and see artisans making cigars which have a reputation matching the Cuban counterparts. To get an impression, please read our Blog


  • The Kogge Shipyard
    Before the rise of Amsterdam, Kampen ruled the waves by means of Kogge’s: big containerships of medieval times.
  • The Hinsz organ
    With its 3200 pipes and incredible sound, it is a major eye-catcher, attracting people from all corners of the world.
  • Museums
    Kampen has two exceptional museums: one holds the only life size gallery of The Royal Family in the Netherlands and the other a collection of more than 2000 Icons, mainly from Russia.
  • Guided tour Tabacco Factory ‘De Olifant’

Combi Tour Kampen & Giethoorn. Walking tour and boat trip
Kampen and Giethoorn are different worlds only 40 minutes seperated from each other: city – village, river landscape – marsh area, rich merchants – poor peat diggers. To get an impression of this beautiful trip, please read our Blog

Deventer – guided walking tour
The best way to explore Deventer is by foot with one of our local guides. This wonderful city is one of the oldest towns in The Netherlands and was one of the main market towns in medieval Europe. The Brink is now one of the most beautiful squares in the Netherlands and vibrant heart of the city.

Urk – guided walking tour
Urk is a big surprise. This fishing village along the IJsselmeer, with its lighthouse, harbour, small alleys and a wide variety of picturesque houses still breathes authentic Dutch culture.

Furthermore our local guides provide walking tours in Hindeloopen, Zutphen, Hasselt, Elburg, Hattem and Zwolle.

From mid April to the beginning of May you’ll have the opportunity to explore one of the largest tulip field area’s in the Netherlands by foot, bicycle or car in Flevoland & The Noordoostpolder

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