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You will have conventional or electric bikes at your disposal; the opportunity to attend workshops with local artists; trips to Giethoorn, national parks, and museums; recommendations on the best local accommodations; and just time to relax and enjoy a cappuccino in the cobblestone market square. A vacation to Europe doesn’t have to be full of stress and anxiety with the unknown. Here’s a chance to make an authentic connection with the Dutch people and their beautiful culture!

Travel in the company of a small group with one of our four programs:

We can also work with you directly to design a custom outing:


About our programs

We specialize in exploring Kampen and the surrounding sites by bus, bike, boat, and foot. To take full advantage of the tours and outings, you will need to be able to spend a good part of the day walking or biking. We do arrange electric bike rentals for those who want to take some of the pressure off!


Kampen and Beyond is founded upon our own personal experience of building meaningful and lasting friendship between two cultures. And our desire is that you might discover the same. By sharing our own experiences and knowledge from America and from the Netherlands, we can help you execute a one-of-kind trip to Europe. Whatever your hopes, plans, or budget, we are committed to making your trip a success!

Our travel philosophy is based on the fact that it is the people who make the places feel magical. We want to introduce you to the local artists, entrepreneurs, and historians in and around Kampen so that you can return home with a renewed sense of awe and wonder at the diversity of our world. But this openness also comes with an expectation: here in Kampen, off the beaten path, you will need to tap into your curiosity and demonstrate an open mind to the people and experiences unfolding around you.